Technique to Backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 Calendar

Microsoft Outlook has become one of the best apps for the better communication. It not only helps to send or receive emails. You can even use this to access other attributes information like notes, calendar, tasks and journals. Calendar is mainly used to mark reminder about any meetings, organized home events, view schedules of the day and many more. But sometimes due to PST file corruption you will not be able to access details mentioned in Calendar item of the Outlook 2010. You can’t keep in mind about all the event of particular day in such case back up of Calendar or other attributes becomes essential.

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Backup is mainly done to avoid missing of vital data mentioned in the Calendar of the Outlook 2010. If we do not maintain backup of items then we have to keep searching for a recovery tool. Using recovery tool is a very long process and bit costlier hence I suggest all it is better to take backup of Outlook 2010 Calendar items instead of using recovery tool after the cause. This Outlook 2010 Calendar backup can be done easily using Migrate Outlook Software.

When backup of Calendar becomes essential:

  • Virus Attack: Virus present on the Outlook 2010 may corrupt the PST file and make the Calendar data inaccessible. In that case this created backup becomes essential if you want to access those mentioned data in calendar immediately.
  • Improper Termination of Outlook 2010: If you terminate the 2010 PST file abruptly then PST file gets corrupted easily. This corrupted file avoids access of Calendar item from the user. In that situation it is better if you have backup of Calendar items and other attributes that contain essential data.
  • Precautionary Measures:

  • Maintain antivirus program in the system to avoid risk of attack to Outlook 2010 PST file.
  • It’s better to backup Outlook 2010 Calendar and other attributes before performing any unknown task in Outlook.
  • Key features of Migrate Outlook software:

    Migrate Outlook software is best used toolkit to backup MS Outlook Calendar and all other attributes of the Outlook quickly by following few easy methods. You can perform Outlook migration of the created backup from one computer to other using this migration Outlook software. With the aid of this program, you can import Calendar from Outlook 2003 to 2007 and to other higher versions of the Outlook in an easy manner. This utility can also execute Outlook migration from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Operating Systems. As the application has user friendly interface and demo version using that anybody can know how to backup Outlook 2010 Calendar by just using this wizard without others assistance.

    Steps to backup Outlook 2010 Calendar:

    Step 1: Download and install software on your PC. Launch it either by double clicking the desktop icon, or selecting the icon from the Programs list in the Start menu. The main window is displayed, as shown in Figure a. Click the "Backup" button as shown in Figure a.

    Backup Oulook 2010 Calendar - Main Window

    Figure a: Main Window

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    Step 2: Once you click the "Backup" button, the software opens a new window where you need to create a new Backup profile or select an existing profile to backup Outlook as shown in Figure b. Once you select / create the profile click on "Next" button.


    Backup Oulook 2010 Calendar - Select Backup Profile

    Figure b: Select Backup Profile


    Step 3: From the next window of the software, you need to select the Outlook items that you want to backup, which includes calendar, and click "Next" as shown in Figure c.


    Backup Oulook 2010 Calendar - Select Outlook Items

    Figure c: Select Outlook Items


    Step 4: A new Window is now displayed, where you need to select the Destination location, Compression level, Splitting options and also the Security options as shown in Figure d.


    Backup Oulook 2010 Calendar - Select Backup Settings

    Figure d: Select Backup Settings


    Step 5: On clicking "Next" a new window is displayed where the user needs to schedule the backup. You have the option to schedule the backup on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis by entering the Start date and the Start time as shown in Figure e. Once you finish scheduling the backup, click on "Next". A new window displays the expected size of the backup and also the destination location. Clicking on the "OK" button starts the backup process


    Backup Oulook 2010 Calendar - Backup Scheduler Window

    Figure e: Backup Scheduler Window


    Step 6: Once the backup process is finished, a backup summary is displayed as shown in figure f.


    Backup Oulook 2010 Calendar - Backup Summary

    Figure f: Backup summary

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