Backup Contacts in Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook lets users manage not only their emails in an organized way but also lets users to manage their day to day activities efficiently by providing features like calendar, tasks, notes etc. Outlook also allows users to easily maintain the data related to every user who sends an email or to whom an email is sent by providing the Contacts feature. The Contacts feature is highly beneficial as it lets the user maintain data related to a specific person not only in terms of his e-mail address but also other attributes like telephone number, Fax number etc. These contacts can later be added to the Address book which makes it easier to send an e-mail.

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The data related to Contacts is stored in a PST file in Outlook 2010 which contains data related to e-mails, notes, tasks and other Outlook attributes. However, this PST file could get corrupted due to various reasons like corruption of the header of the PST file or corruption due to sharing of a single PST file over the network. This could result in loss of contacts from Outlook. It is therefore important to take a backup of Outlook data to avoid losing any important contacts. In such a scenario it is always better to take a complete backup of Outlook data using a good Outlook Migrate and Backup software.


Outlook Backup and Migrate software not only lets you to backup the complete Outlook data but also lets you migrate Microsoft Outlook data in case you want to transfer the Outlook data between different environments. The software takes a backup of the PST file and also other Outlook data like Outlook settings, Dictionary, etc. If you want to migrate email from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010, then just visit here: You can also backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 calendar using this application so that you can replace that particular item of the Outlook when its missing or corrupted in PST file. The easy to use scheduling options help the user to schedule backups on a daily basis. If you want to know how actually the software will help to migrate PST file, then simply visit the given page URL:


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Follow the steps given below to backup Outlook 2010 contacts,


Step 1: Download and install Outlook Backup software on your PC. Launch the software either by double clicking the desktop icon, or selecting the icon from the Programs list in the Start menu. The main window is displayed, as shown in Figure a. Click the "Backup" button as shown in Figure a.


Smart Email Backup - Main Window

Figure a: Main Window

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Step 2: Once you click the "Backup" button, the software opens a new window where you need to create a new Backup profile or select an existing profile to backup Outlook data as shown in Figure b. Once you select / create the profile click on "Next" button.


Smart Email Backup - Select backup profile

Figure b: Select Backup profile


Step 3: From the next window of the software, you need to select the Outlook items that you want to backup, which includes contacts, and click "Next" as shown in Figure c.


Smart Email Backup - Select Outlook items to backup

Figure c: Select Outlook items


Step 4: A new Window is now displayed, where you need to select the Destination location, Compression level, Splitting options and also the Security options as shown in Figure d.


Smart Email Backup - Select Backup Settings

Figure d: Select Backup Settings


Step 5: On clicking "Next" a new window is displayed where the user needs to schedule the backup. You have the option to schedule the backup on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis by entering the Start date and the Start time as shown in Figure e. Once you finish scheduling the backup, click on "Next". A new window displays the expected size of the backup and also the destination location. Clicking on the "OK" button starts the backup process


Smart Email Backup - Backup Scheduler

Figure e: Backup Scheduler window


Step 6: Once the backup process is finished, a backup summary is displayed as shown in figure f.


Smart Email Backup - Backup Summary

Figure f: Backup summary

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