Software to Migrate Outlook between Computers

Microsoft Outlook is the most commonly used standalone e-mail client by all levels of computer users.  For using your Outlook data from older PC to new PC, you can manually copy the entire Outlook data from older PC to Outlook present on newer one. You need to copy the PST files and Outlook items such as rules, signatures, shortcuts, journal entries, notes, etc manually from one PC to other. But manual copying may lead to data loss if not done in proper manner i.e. if the items are not copied to their respective locations on Outlook present on new PC. Hence, it is recommended to use good third party software to migrate Outlook data from one version of operating system to other and also between different versions of Outlook. With the help of this amazing tool, you can easily move Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2013 on new computer without any hassle.

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Migrate Outlook software can be used to migrate Microsoft Outlook data from XP to Windows 7. It is an advanced backup utility which helps you to move your Outlook client if, in case, you are looking for Microsoft Outlook and/or Windows upgradation. So, it can also be used when you need to migrate MS Outlook data from Outlook 2003 to 2007. Complete details can be viewed here: ttp:// This software is useful in following migration scenarios:


  • Migrate from Outlook 2003 on XP to Outlook 2003 on Windows 7
  • Migrate from Outlook 2003 on XP to Outlook 2007 on Windows 7
  • Migrate from Outlook 2007 on XP to Outlook 2007 on Windows 7
  • Migrate outlook PST file from old computer to new one


This software is also used to perform Outlook Backup i.e. to make a backup of your entire Outlook data, so that valuable data will not be lost in case of corruption in PST file or when your Outlook freezes due to some unexpected reasons. It provides the backup method which let you to backup Outlook calendar 2013 and other attributes such as RSS feeds, contacts, notes, tasks, etc in a single click. It will create a backup file with .seb as its extension. So, to migrate MS Outlook to new computer, you have to follow simple procedure which is mentioned below:

  • Install this Outlook backup and migrate software on both the computers.
  • Make a backup of Outlook data on older PC using this software, and save the backup file on the storage devices like pen drive, USB drive, CD/DVD, etc.
  • Copy the backup file on the new PC, and using the same software, migrate data from this backup file.


The pictorial representation of the steps to Outlook migration between computersis as follows:


Step 1: Launch the software, by double clicking the desktop shortcut icon, or by selecting the icon from the Programs list in the Start Menu. On the main window, click “Migrate” button, as shown in the Fig. A


Migrate Outlook between Computers - Welcome window

Fig A: Welcome Screen

Download Migrate Outlook software Buy Migrate Outlook Software

Step 2: Now, the Migration window appears, as shown in Fig B. Select the backup file from which you would like to migrate the data, using the “Browse” button. Enter the password in the security text box (if you have secured your backup file earlier, with a password), and click the “Next” button to go to the next step.


Migrate Outlook between Computers - Select backup file

Fig B: Select Backup file to Migrate Data


Step 3:In the new window, select the items to migrate, as shown in Fig C. and click the “Next” button.


Migrate Outlook between Computers - Select items to Migrate

Fig C: Select items to Migrate


Step 4:The software proceeds with the migration process. Once the Migration process is complete, the Migration summary is displayed as shown in Fig D.


Migrate Outlook between Computers - Migration Summary

Figure D: Migration Summary

NOTE:To get an idea about how to migrate Outlook between computers about functioning of this software in more illustrated way visit our YouTube channel.

Download Migrate Outlook software Buy Migrate Outlook Software