Transfer Emails to New Computer Outlook

Have you ever come across a situation wherein you need to transfer all your Outlook emails from one system to another and you felt blank as you are unware of it? If yes, then you are at the right place. This page will guide you on how to transfer emails to new computer Outlook with very simple steps.


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Many of the users struggle to transfer Outlook emails to a different computer due to lack of complete knowledge about Microsoft Outlook. Though, Outlook provides outstanding features for managing mail accounts, users face difficulty to perform tasks like import, export, backup and migrating Outlook data manually. This article provides with the best trouble–free method to migrate Outlook emails and other data in various circumstances. Prior to that, know about the instances that obligate transfer of Outlook emails to another system:

  • When a system where Outlook is located has any troubles like frequent freezing or hanging, improper booting of system, aged hard drive, etc. and you need to replace the system with a new one
  • When hard drive crashes due to any reason and you need to replace it with new hard drive by placing all the backup content on this new drive
  • When you upgrade Microsoft Outlook version to its upper version, for instance from Office 2003 to 2007 or 2010, etc.


Manually, transferring Outlook emails to new PC is a time consuming and very tedious job. Often users make minute mistakes while moving emails and end up in serious disasters. Hence, it is very necessary to make use of reliable third party tool such as Outlook migration program to move emails and other Outlook items securely. This tool has caliber to copy emails from Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions on old computer and easily places it on new computer within a single go.


This migration tool has powerful algorithms to transfer required Outlook data from one storage location to another so that user can no more struggle with the manual methods. One can also easily backup and migrate complete PST file from various Office Outlook versions on all Windows operated computers. Go through the steps to perform successful transfer of Outlook emails by using this Microsoft Outlook migration utility. This app can also be utilized to recover deleted items in Outlook 2016 data file easily. To know more about it, check this page:


Procedural steps to move emails to new computer Outlook:


Step 1:Download and install the tool on the new Windows PC where you wish to place the Outlook PST emails. Then in the main screen as shown in fig., click on migrate button.


How to Transfer Emails to New Computer Outlook - Main Screen

Fig I: Welcome Window


Step 2: In the upcoming migration window as shown in fig, select a backup file from which emails have to be migrated by clicking on browse and then click on Click


How to Transfer Emails to New Computer Outlook - Select a Backup file to Migrate Outlook Contacts

Fig II: Select Backup file to Migrate Contacts

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Step 3: Now, select the items to migrate from the list displayed and click on Next button as shown in fig.


How to Transfer Emails to New Computer Outlook - Select Outlook contacts to Migrate

Fig III: Select Contacts to Migrate


Step 4: After clicking next, the migration process occurs and later the summary of this migration will be displayed as shown in fig.


How to Transfer Emails to New Computer Outlook - Migration Process Details

Figure IV: Details of Migration Process


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