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Sync Outlook Calendar with your Windows Phone

Why miss out on appointments and meetings when you can sync your Outlook calendar on Windows Phone? In this article, we’ll explain how to sync calendars with your Windows Phone.To sync calendar, you should have Microsoft accounts like or Hotmail, transfer your calendar to that account and then synchronize your calendar to your Windows Phone through Microsoft account.


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Another important thing. Many people think they can sync Outlook calendar by connecting the computer and phone through USB cable. This is not true and it is not the way to synchronize calendars. Let’s look at the detail procedure on how to synchronize calendar from Outlook to your phone.

Before syncing or import/export of any Outlook items, it is recommended to take backup of your Outlook. You can use inbuilt Microsoft Backup Tool or a reliable Backup and Outlook Migrate Tool which will not only take backup on scheduled intervals but also helps in migrating Outlook to a new PC safely and securely.


Methods to Sync Calendar from Outlook

There are two different ways to sync your Outlook calendar – one for those using Microsoft Exchange for Outlook and another for people who use Outlook without Exchange. Below is the procedure is to check whether you are using Microsoft Exchange or not. If you know which one you are using, you can skip this and straight away go to syncing process.


MS Outlook 2007 And Below

  • Open MS Outlook on your PC.
  • Click Tools > Account Settings.
  • Under the section Name, search for the account Type.
  • Look for your e-mail address and check if Microsoft Exchange is displayed as mail type.


MS Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016

  • Open MS Outlook on your computer.
  • Click File tab > Info.
  • In the “Account Information” section select Account settings and then again Account Settings.
  • Look for the ‘Type’ of account next to the ‘Name’.


Now you know whether you are using Exchange or not with your Outlook, choose the appropriate process below:


How Sync Outlook Calendar If You Are Using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange


If your Outlook is using Microsoft exchange, then calendars will automatically sync that are stored in Exchange the moment you sign into account on your phone.


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How to Add Your Outlook Account to Your Windows Phone?


  • From ‘Start’ screen, go to ‘App’ list and then tap ‘Settings’.
  • Tap ‘Email+accounts’.
  • Tap ‘Add an account’ and then select ‘Outlook’.
  • Enter your email id and password.
  • Outlook calendar now should sync automatically to your phone.
  • Go to Start screen again and slide left, tap ‘People Hub’ to check if your MS Outlook appears.


How Sync Outlook Calendar If You Are Using Outlook Without Microsoft Exchange


If you are using Outlook without Microsoft Exchange, then you need to add the account to your smartphone and then sync the calendar.


Step 1) How to Add Your Outlook Account?

  • Go to App list, then Settings and then Email+accounts.
  • Tap ‘Add an account’ and then Microsoft account.
  • Enter your email id and password.


Step 2) Sync Your Outlook Calendar

You have to import Outlook contact manually into your Microsoft account and your phone will sync with your Microsoft account. Any changes you do in your MS Outlook contacts will not synchronize with Microsoft account and vice-versa.


Process 1: Export Outlook Contacts

  • Open Outlook 2016 on your Computer.
  • Click File > Open & Export > Import/Export. This will open the wizard.
  • Choose ‘Export to a file’ and click Next.
  • Select ‘Comma Separated Values’ and click Next.
  • Choose Contact, click Next.
  • Click Browse. In a window that opens type file name and select a destination to save the file.
  • Click Next and then hit Finish.


Process 2: Import Outlook CVS file into Microsoft account

  • Go to and log into your Microsoft account.
  • Tap ‘Import from file’.
  • Choose option ‘Microsoft Outlook (using CSV)’.
  • Now, on your Windows Phone, go to Settings > Email+accounts, and press and hold Microsoft account and press sync.


Microsoft has limitations when uploading the CVS file. It should not exceed 500 KB in file size. If it does, you’ll receive an error message. Not only that even the contact list should not exceed a certain number. Be careful of that.

Now, save your valuable time by taking backup of outlook settings. It may help you in making safe side of outlook data and setting. You will be free of danger of losing the outlook profile calendar, contacts and other data. Dont worry, here you can know how to backup of outlook calendar, contact in outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and also the latest versions of Outlook. Finally


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