PST Backup

The Personal Storage Folder, better known as the pst file, contains majority of the data in Outlook. The contents of the pst file include all your emails present in the Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items folder, drafts, Deleted Items folder, RSS Feeds and Junk E-mail folders. Other than the emails, it also consists of contacts, journal entries, calendar, tasks, notes, Email accounts, settings etc. Since the pst file is so very important, it is essential to take a backup of this pst file to avoid losing valuable data in case the pst file gets corrupted.

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Now maintaining backup of emails, especially in Outlook is very important as it not only holds your important mails, or personal contents, but at the same time your PST also accomodates Tasks, RSS feeds, Notes and other precious informations. Will it not be great, if you can get back all your deleted back up files of Outlook with few clicks? Theare is every single chance of losinhga back up file and this can put one into panicful situation. In order to overcome such hurdles one can try out the Outlook Backup program from the page

Sometime we decide to replace our old system with the new one. At that time migrating the PST files from your Old computer to your new Laptop can even reduce your stress of creating a new account again. It is always a better act to migrate the Outlook file to a new system instead to going through a lengthy process. This utility has been crafted by industrtial experts keepping in mind about file migration from onr system to another. Hop on the article on how to migrate Outlook PST to new PC.

You can locate the pst file on your Outlook by following the steps given below,

  • Open Outlook, and click on the Tree View option to get the folders displayed as shown in the figure below.


Tree View


  • You can find a folder named Personal Folders at the top of the tree. Right Click this folder, and click on Properties.
  • On clicking Properties, a new window is displayed as shown below. Click on the Advanced button present on the bottom right hand of the window.


Select personal folders


  • A new window is opened, which displays the filename and the location path of the pst file as shown in the figure below.


Pst file path


You can make use of the path and take a backup copy of the folders that you need, by using the Import/Export option provided by Outlook. But this is a tedious and time consuming process since you would have to repeat the same process for each Outlook item. You can avoid all this complexities, and take a complete backup of all your Outlook data by making use of Migrate Outlook software. This software lets you migrate all your outlook data with a single click of the mouse from one Outlook version to another. For instance one can migrate PST contents from Outlook 2003 to 2007.


Download Migrate Outlook software Buy Migrate Outlook Software