Recover Deleted Contacts From Outlook 2016

Scheduling a Meeting On a Group Calendar in Outlook

If you have joined a group in Office 365 Outlook, then you already know that you get devoted work-space for your group and for yourself to collaborate, converse and to share. But were you aware that there is a calendar where you and each group member can create and see upcoming meetings or appointments?


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Every event you create in this group will be sent to their individual inbox and group mailbox as well. What more, any member of this group may edit the schedule. It means, if the arranger is on leave then, any group member can cancel the event. Office 365 Groups is accessible in both Outlook 2016 and Outlook on the web. Here we have explained how to use group calendar in Outlook 2016.

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Now let’s begin with creating a group calendar. You might be knowing this, but still, will go through the process from the start.


How to create a Group Calendar?

  • Select ‘Calendar’ from the main Menu, click ‘View Group Schedule’ and click ‘Create a group schedule’.
  • In the window that opens, click ‘New’.
  • Assign a name to the new group and hit OK.
  • Now click ‘Add Others’ and then hit ‘Add from Address Book’ or ‘Add Public Folder’.
  • Choose the Public folders or the contacts you want to add and then hit OK.
  • Hit ‘Save and Close’.

Schedule Meetings using Group Calendar in Outlook 2016

  • Select a group from the navigation pane.
  • Select Calendar on the ribbon.
  • Choose ‘New Meeting’ or ‘New Skype Meeting’. If you schedule a Skype meeting, the details of the call will be added in the message body.
  • You can see the group’s contacts will be added automatically in the ‘To’ column. Now enter the location, subject, and meeting’s start time and end time.
  • Type the agenda of the meeting. To ensure you have selected the free time, select ‘Scheduling Assistance’ on the ribbon.
  • Click Send.
  • The schedule will appear on the personal as well as group calendar of every member.

To view a schedule in Group Calendar:

If you have multiple groups, then select the one you want to see, and click on ‘Open’. If you want to see the latest updates on the free and busy schedule of the group members, click ‘Options’ and then on ‘Refresh Free/Busy’.

You can create multiple groups for the different group of people. The meetings you schedule here will be sent to both their personal inbox and group mailbox. You can also use ‘AutoPick’ to show the free time of all the group members.



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