Perfect Software to Move MS Outlook Tasks

Microsoft Outlook acts as a best email management using which you can send or receive messages. This Outlook consists of many attributes like notes, emails, tasks, journals, calendar, etc. Task is one of the important Outlook features, which is very beneficial for the professional users to list their work according to priority. You can even set an alarm as a remainder for your work. When you upgrade Outlook to new version, you need to move all outlook attributes such as tasks, emails, etc. to the upgraded one. If you opt manual process of copying Outlook attributes, then it takes longer time and may get interrupted and some items like tasks, emails will not be copied. Hence in such case it is better to Migrate Outlook attributes like tasks, emails, journals, etc. in less time. Migration is mainly used to transfer Microsoft Outlook tasks and other attributes of the Outlook easily to upgraded Outlook version or from one pc to other, etc. To do this task you need to employ an expert's recommended trust worthy software. One such reliable tool is Migrate Outlook software. This application can Migrate tasks on Outlook in a proficient manner.

When migration of tasks becomes essential?

  • When your hard drive crashes due to overheating, ageing, improper usage or due to bad sectors, etc. in such case you replace the disk. After replacing HDD you can migrate Outlook tasks, emails, contacts, etc. easily using migrate Outlook software in few moments.
  • When you wish to install older version of the operating system to newer one to acquire its advanced features in that situation to use Outlook application, migration of Outlook attributes including tasks becomes essential.
  • To add Outlook attributes to newly buyed PC, you can migrate Outlook items easily instead of using manual method. This migration can be done using migrate Outlook software without any complication.

Precautionary measures:

  • Always maintain backup of Outlook
  • Make use of a reliable backup and migrate software or else it may corrupt your PST file

Excellent features of migrate Outlook software:

Migrate Outlook is one of the top rated tool designed by some technical experts using robust algorithms to easily transfer Microsoft Outlook task, email, contacts, journals, etc. from one location to other in less time. It is mainly designed to help user avoid manual method of transferring Outlook attributes which is more complicated. With the help of this toolkit, you can migrate Outlook from Windows XP to Windows 7, Windows Vista to Windows 7, and also from Windows 7 to latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 8 at an ease. Using this wizard, you can take backup of entire Outlook PST and provide protection to that file by providing password. This migrating software has inbuilt scheduler that helps you to backup the Outlook data automatically as per the scheduled time. You can Migrate Outlook tasks on versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2007, 20010, etc. This utility has a simple GUI, so that even a user with less technical knowledge can make use of this application and Migrate MS Outlook tasks and other attributes of Outlook to new computer without any assistance.

Steps to copy tasks of Outlook with Migrate Outlook tool:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your Windows System and  launch the application. Then, you will find three option in main screen as shown in fig, click on migrate button.

Migrate Outlook Tasks - Main Screen

Fig I: Main Screen

Step 2: In the upcoming migration window as shown in fig, select a backup file from which tasks have to be migrated by clicking on browse and then click on next

Migrate Outlook Tasks - Select a Backup File to Migrate Tasks

Fig II: Select Backup File to Migrate Tasks

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Step 3: Now, select the task to be migrated from the list displayed and click on Next button as shown in fig.


Migrate Outlook Tasks - Select Task

Fig III: Select Task


Step 4: After clicking next, the migration process occurs and later the summary of this migration will be displayed as shown in fig.


Migrate Outlook Tasks - List of Migration Process

Figure IV: List of Migration Process


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