How to Backup Outlook Data

Wabt to backup your entire Outlook data along with Settings? Then, prefer Migrate Outlook software that backups emails, contacts, appointments, journals, RSS Feeds, calendar, events, tasks, notes, and other Outlook items and migrates to new computer or to the newer version of Outlook safely & securely. Download the free version now, and start taking your Outlook backup.

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Outlook Backup is a topic that is gaining prominence mainly due to the fact that the number of Outlook users is increasing with every single day. This increases the need of taking an Outlook Backup, as there has been an increase in the number of Outlook corruption cases. Though there are many Outlook Backup software that are available on the internet, the user would have to choose best one that suits his needs. Backing up Outlook mail can prove to be useful in case of Outlook corruption, PST file migration etc. The Outlook Backup software can be easily installed on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 etc. Try the free demo version of the software now!!!


There are usually two major categories of Outlook Backup software that are available on the internet; one that suits the professionals and one that targets Home Users. There are some points that a Home user has to look for in an Outlook Backup software. They can be described as follows:


  • The software should be easy to use as the person using the backup software could be a novice.
  • The Outlook Backup software should have an interactive and guided user interface which provides Help options in each step of the process.
  • Options should be provided for backup of all Outlook data with a single click.
  • Backup Scheduling options should be provided so that there is no need for performing the Backup task manually.
  • Choose an Outlook Backup software that provides good and powerful security options.


Migrate Outlook software is customized for Home and Office use. This software is capable of taking a backup of all your Outlook items including journal entries, notes, tasks, message rules etc. along with the very important pst file. The software facilitates you with easy Microsoft Outlook migration steps, using which you will not find any kind of difficulty while using the software. The Migrate Outlook software provides the user with many options like backup file compression, password protection, etc.


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Steps to take a backup of Outlook data:


Step 1: Launch Migrate Outlook software either by double clicking the desktop icon, or selecting the icon from the Programs list in the Start menu.
When you run Migrate Outlook software, the main window is displayed, as shown in Figure a. Click on the Smart Backup button.


Main Window

Figure a: Main window

Download Migrate Outlook software Buy Migrate Outlook Software


Step 2: Once you click the Smart Backup button, the software displays the estimated backup file size, and the path of the destination drive, into which it is saving the data, as shown in Figure b. Verify the required size and backup file path, and click on the OK button, to proceed to the next step.


Estimated backup file size

Figure b: File path and expected backup file size


Note: Ensure that there is enough free space in destination drive, to store the backup files, before initiating Smart Backup process. The default path where your Smart Backup file is stored is C:\Users\\Documents\Smart E-mail Backup.


Step 3: Once the Smart Backup process is complete, a confirmation message is displayed. On clicking the OK button, a Backup summary is displayed as shown in Figure c.


Backup Summary

Figure c: Backup Summary


Note: The default path i.e. C:\Users\\Documents\Smart E-mail Backup, can be changed using the Settings option in the Main window.


Download Migrate Outlook software Buy Migrate Outlook Software